Get to Know about Meyerhouse Uol Group Singapore

If you're seeking a real estate to invest at the moment, condominiums would be the best option. Condos are now considered a great buy for family members and your own family as you can have pushes and private backyard. Condos provide residents. For those investors that are interested in finding freehold, condos are in luck because United Overseas Limited Group and also Kheng Leong real estate programmer has lately launched Meyerhouse because of its own customers. Meyerhouse is a condominium.

Meyerhouse is just a freehold condo that was recently found by the United Overseas Limited (UOL ) Group along with Kheng Leong Co.. Located in Meyer Road, the condo covered 109,590 sq ft and operating out of Tanjong Katong. One of Meyerhouse's advantages is the fact that it is close to the ongoing Tanjong Katong MRT Station that is scheduled to be completed by 2023. This bus channel is likely to make commuting more accessible and more economical . It is possible to save yourself a lot of money and time with bus services just a block away.

Now you can create Tanjong Katong your place by owning a condo. Meyerhouse condo is available for both the local and thieves. At Meyerhouse, you can have driveway and your backyard, and also you also don't need to pay for maintenance fees. The best thing concerning freehold condo is which you are entirely in charge of your building. Meyerhouse neighbourhood is surrounded by markets, malls, beaches, schools, and clubs. It is a tranquil place with all amenities easily accessible. To gather new details on meyerhouse kheng leong kindly check out

You can create Meyerhouse your house and have the best lifestyle. You can readily access schools for children, bus channels, markets, and family parks. Meyerhouse Condo can be an perfect place for families that are looking for an excellent house to telephone home. Since it's next to schools and parks It's child-friendly. If you want to present your family the best place Meyerhouse Condo may be the house. You are able to check their website and get in touch.

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